Scene setup

Convexer recognizes the collections:

   main  :  The main map, gets scaled by 'VMF Scale Factor'
   skybox:  This group gets scaled down and moved under the map. 
            (A sky_camera will be added for you)

Hero props

Any collections inside the main collections named

will be converted into a static prop at that location

Regular props

Any collection instance placed into the main collections will be compiled as a model. For our example, the collection barrel becomes instanced as two different prop_statics.

You can attach a collision model to props by adding an object inside the collection named

. The start of the name must match the collection name.

Standard VMF geometry

Anything else that is a mesh type will become a VMF brush.

Intrinsic entities

Lights, and cubemaps will be automatically converted into point entities. You don't need to do anything to get them to export.

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