Entity Config

This is a technical configuration file where you can tell Convexer about the entities you want to use.

'cxr_entities' in config.py stores FGD information. All the dictionary entries placed into it will be made availible to be chosen in the Entity Properties window in Blender.
Here is an example (The counter-terrorist entity for CS:GO)

# config.py

cxr_entities = {
      "allow": ('EMPTY',),
      "keyvalues": cxr_baseclass([ent_transform],\
    	  "priority": {"type": "int", "default": 0},
    	  "enabled": {"type": "int", "default": 1},

The "allow" key whitelists the Blender object types it can be on. Use 'EMPTY' for point entities, and 'MESH' for brush entities such as buyzones.
The keyvalues subdictionary gives descriptions of each property. Calling baseclass will append some premade keys to it.

Since our configuration file is actually live code, we can specify a function istead of a dictionary for a KV definition. You can use this to automatically fill in values, instead of the user having to select them. Please view the ent_lights function in __init__.py for reference.

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