Model showcase

Snowy Cabin Environment - VRChat (2018)

- Commissioned work -

Environment built for the social VR game - VRChat
Developed to run consistently above 90 hz on VR ready cards.

Engine: Unity
Tools used: Blender, Substance, Photoshop

I did everything on the project, my main duties being (but not limited to):
- Architecture of the house
- Material authoring in substance
- Shader creation (shaderlab / glsl)
- VR ready asset modelling / texturing (every asset in the scene is by me)
- Lighting

London Underground (2018)

PBR Environment study

The designs of the interior and station are roughly based around the London Underground's Victoria & Central lines

Engine: Unity
Software used: Blender, Substance Designer & Painter, Photoshop.

Brittany - Day of Infamy (2016)

* Late 2016: Placed 3rd in the Mapcore Day Of Infamy Mapping Contest
* Early 2017: Map was officially added to the regular rotation

On this project I worked alongside:
- David 'Vaya' Senyszak (Lead Gameplay & Level Designer)
- Bartłomiej 'Lizard' Guzek (Environment Artist & Layout design).

My role was Texturing and 3D art creating environment props such as terrain, vehicles and modular building assets.
I saw the project from start to finish, the original layout being based around a previous unreleased level I had designed.
The layout was vastly evolved into its current state by Vaya and Lizard, while I kept a hand in the design by providing feedback.

On the side I created small utility software to aid the tight development time. For example: Prop randomizers / sprinkling systems and tools to merge changes from multiple map files together.

Day of Infamy is available on steam, and the map Brittany can be played as part of the map rotation on official and community servers.

Engine: Source SDK
Primary workflows: Digital 3D, Sculpting & PBR
Sofware used: Blender3D, Photoshop, Substance Designer & Painter

Steam Workshop (Various titles)

I create additional small projects for various games that I release on the Steam Workshop. So far one item (Sand raider mask), has been accepted for official use within the game.